When you come for your office visit, please bring the following:

1. Please bring your current insurance card, both primary and secondary (very important) so that we can copy the front and back information. We need this information for billing as well as for scheduling procedures. It is important that you know your current co-pay amount (for a specialist) as co-pays are required at the time of your visit.


2. If you have a managed care insurance card that requires a referral, you must bring the referral with you or the doctor will not be able to see you. See Insurance and Billing.


3. If you have had recent blood work or radiological tests, please bring the reports with you or ask your doctor to fax them to us at 703-876-0253. Also, if you are here for an upper endoscopy or colonoscopy and have had that procedure in the past with another doctor, please have those reports faxed to us.


4. If you have difficulty communicating in English, please bring a family member or close friend who will be able to communicate with the doctors and staff. We want to ensure that you receive the best care possible. We do have staff members who are sometimes available to translate Spanish.


5. If you have not been seen within the past year or if your demographic or insurance information has changed, please bring completed patient forms.


See billing for questions about payment at the time of your office visit.


T: 703-560-3510   F: 703-876-0253

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